Delivery Information has tied up with top courier services companies to ensure delivery of products as per promised date and time. However does not guarantee in any case, the delivery as per promised date and time as the services may be hampered due to external conditions and circumstances which are not within the control of Molifeworld. The expe


 ARAMEX has to make two delivery attempts for each and every Parcel until unless address is not complete or consignee is not willing to accept parcel.

 Destination OPS will make the 2 delivery attempts and if still undelivered, RTN status will be updated and a file for all such shipments will be given to destination.

 CUSTOMER SERVICE, Destination CUSTOMER SERVICE then will have the revalidation done and provide information to destination OPS in case a redelivery is to be attempted and for all genuine NDR’S destination CUSTOMER SERVICE will mark a mail to origin CUSTOMER SERVICE to check with the shipper and provide disposal instructions.

Blue Dart:

 Day 1  : Attempt delivery.

o   Shipment to be delivered only against cash collection as mentioned on the invoice.

  If undelivered drop sorry card incase of BD controllable reasons.

 Day 2  :Await consignee's response to sorry card/ alternates from shipper

o   Day 3/4: await alternate instructions from shipper/consignee.

 Day 5  :In-case no alternate instructions received from CNEE and shipper reattempt delivery.

 Day 6  :If Still the shipment is undelivered it will be RTO to the location of origin either to the central warehouse  or theMolifeworld as mentioned on the order form.