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August 05, 2020 2 min read

Headphones are not just a gadget for your escape from the world. You will agree to the statement that out of all the gadgets that you own, headphones are something special to you because it has been with you all the time and you carry it everywhere. In your headphones, you have to lead the life of romance, heartbreaks, incidents, and many more which has nothing to do with the outside world.


Owning a good quality pair of headphones of a great brand is one such thing that is a must because it is the matter of your most important sense organ, i.e., ears. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a bad quality headphone that can harm your eardrums. Therefore have a look at the below rules which can lead you to select the best headphone as if it is tailor-made for you.


Rule no 1- Acknowledge the need of how you will be using the headphones.

Identify the purpose of your headphones, whether it is for the gym purpose or while jogging or maybe for travelling purposes. There are multiple kinds of headphones available in the market which are specifically designed for the purposes as well. So, just decide accordingly for what purpose you are buying the headphones.


Rule no 2- Select the right type of headphones

There are different types of headphones available in the stores such as over-ear, On-ear, and In-ear headphones. So the initial task for you is to decide which kind of headphones you’ll prefer before looking for various other features such as noise cancellation, wireless variations, sound quality, etc. Each of these types has something good or bad in itself. You’ll have to decide which would be best for you.


For instance, over-ear headphones are the ones that leave space between your eardrums and the speakers. They offer great noise cancellation, but despite these features, they are too bulky and quite big in size in comparison to other kinds of earphones.


Whereas on-ear headphones are perfect for listening to music at home, they let a bit of noise come in along with providing proper sound audibility.


Rule no 3- Choose between open or closed back

Closed-back headphones are the headphones that have no holes to vent out the sound of your music. They perfectly cup your ear and do not let any sound go out. They are the best when you need an escape from the outside world.


On the other hand, Open back headphones are the headphones that have holes or perforations to the outside world. These headphones let some of the sounds go outside to give you an experience of natural listening. 


Rule no 4- Choose between wireless or wired headphones

You might wonder that if you have the money, then why not go for wireless headphones because then you wouldn’t have to be always attached to a device and this reason is true also. The reason why Bluetooth was invented was to let you free from carrying any device all the time.


But even though wireless headphones are convenient, they sometimes lose connectivity which ultimately hinders the performance of the gadget.


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