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August 05, 2020 3 min read

It is a fact that earphones have become a part of life for everyone. The usages of earbuds have grown largely in the past couple of years. People take earbuds everywhere they go to get themselves distanced from the noise of the crowd. But the thing that irritates the most that some earbuds don’t fit properly in the ears and the trouble of adjusting it, again and again, is one of the most annoying things you come across.


A good quality earbuds with advanced features can also turn out to have awful sound quality if it hasn’t been worn properly or it doesn’t fit well in the ears. There are different types of earbuds, such as the plastic tip earphones and the silicon tip earbuds. The problem arises when they keep on falling from your ears if you are in motion or sometimes even when you are sitting at home and listening to music. So, what could be done?


Don’t worry, here are the following tips that will solve your problem and guide you the correct way to use your earphones.


  1. Select the correct size and material of the ear tip

The main reason behind the continuous falling of your earphones is the inappropriate ear tip of your earbuds that does not fit to your ears. There are times when you buy clothes or other stuff online, and it doesn’t suit you or fits you well. Well, that same concept applies to the earphones as well. Therefore, before purchasing an earbuds online, make sure to look for a comfortable ear tip that can fit well to your ears.


There is a chance that your one ear may be larger than the other, and because of that, the ear tip may not fit well on one of the ears. Despite investing more on a different set of ear tips, look for brands that offer different sizes of ear tips in a combo and then make use of them by detaching the ear tip and customizing according to your ear size.


  1. Put on the ear tip firmly

There are times when you just slightly put on your earphones, but the ear tip doesn’t fit properly, or the sound isn’t that audible enough. The reason for the former case is that you may not be properly encircling the wire behind your ear and later case can be that you might not be sealing the ear tip properly to your ear canal. Sealing doesn’t mean deliberately enforcing the ear tip to your ear canal because this can harm your eardrums as well.


Just gently put on the ear tip onto your ear canal and fix it so that it does not fall off easily and can also enhance your listening experience with its increase in bass and range.

  1. Put the ear tip properly when in motion

Being in motion and using earphones is the most frustrating time because, at that moment, your earbuds fall off very easily. In those cases, you can make use of stabilizers that can help you fix your earphones properly to your ear while you are jogging, running, or doing any kind of motion activity.


If you are not comfortable using stabilizer and are worried about losing your Earbuds, then there is always a second option for you. There are various neck bands with straps available in the market which are usually used while performing any sports activity. These neck bands help to keep your ear tip in place along with reducing your concern about losing your Earbuds. The other thing that you should also keep in mind is that make sure that you are wearing the right earphone in the right ear. 


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