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To specify and provide guidelines through which our customers and channel partners would be able to get timely and easy replacement / settlement of functionally non working units within warranty replacement criteria.

Warranty Policy
Product sold, shall be replaced if found functionally defective. No repair to be performed. Any sub accessories, data cable provided with main unit are not covered in warranty.

Eligibility for replacement
The unit is considered for replacement, if failed functionally within one year from the date of purchase and does not have any physical damage /liquid damage or any kind of mishandling/tampering. Any Sub accessories defect will not be consider under replacement criteria

Process for customer to claim replacement

  • Customer need to visit point of sale to claim replacement along with defective unit, original GST invoice and warranty card duly signed and stamped by point of sale.
  • Post required verification by point of sale, replacement unit will be provided to customer at point of sale only, depending upon availability.

Process for customer to claim replacement

  • Concern person at point of sale must verify that claimed unit is defective functionally and there is no physical damage/liquid damage or any kind of mishandling/tampering.
  • Concern person at point of sale will also verify that GST Invoice and warranty card is in original and claimed defective unit is within one year of purchase.
  • Concern person at point of sale need to take copy of GST Invoice and original warranty card from customer and post verification as per above 1,&2, give replacement unit to customer
  • Concern person at point of sale will also provide new warranty card duly signed and stamped along with replacement unit.

Process for Channel/Sales Partner to claim replacement

  • Channel/Sales Partners need to send back defective unit/s along with copy of customer’s GST Invoice, warranty card of defective unit to company WH from where the unit was billed.
  • Branch WH/Main WH team will check billing status, if billed to same party
  • Branch WH/Main WH team will handover defective unit to service team for physical verification and claim approval.
  • Service team shall verify defective unit and give confirmation to WH team.
  • If GST Invoice, warranty card and physical verification is found OK than branch WH/Main WH will dispatch replacement to respective partner with relevant documents
  • If in any case replacement is not available, alternate model will be offered. If alternate model is not available than
  • Credit Note will be issued to channel partner accordingly

Terms and conditions

  • Any product claimed as replacement must be within one year as per date of billing, subject to fulfillment of all specified warranty replacement criteria.
  • The liability against defective unit is limited to only replacement with same or equivalent model subject to availability of products.
  • Replacement will be given only for product qualifying specified warranty replacement criteria & process.
  • Channel/Sales Partner should claim replacement against defective unit within 30 days from company.