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Amplify 100


The Sound of Clarity

Nothing sounds better than the Molife Amplify 100. This is especially made for music lovers. It is designed to look sleek and modern. The sound output is superb. It is designed to give you sound that is clear and crisp. No matter what you listen to, it will sound best on Molife 100 Amplify. 

Clarity at its best-   The Molife 100 Amplify gives you a fantastic sound experience. It delivers immersive sound and has the best sound quality in its range.  It is packed with 12 W of Crystal Clear Sound with Dynamic Deep Bass, it makes you feel like the action is happening live. Play it loud and you feel every beat. 

Easy to control- The Classic Jog Dial Power & Volume Control make it convenient for you to play with the volume. Just a simple rotation and volume is under your control. 

Looks Awesome- Not just better sound, even the design is outstanding. The ergonomic design and the dimensions make this sound bar easy to keep anywhere. Molife 100 Amplify is an eye-catcher in every way. 

Cool Blue LED Indicator-  The indicator light makes the sound bar look futuristic. 

 Don't stop the music- Keep your playlist long because it can play up to 8 hours of music and is powered by 1800 mAh rechargeable battery. 

Made for All-   The Molife 100 Amplify goes well with almost everything. Which means it is compatible with Android & Apple devices, desktops, laptops, TVs and more! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Prshant Verma
Molife 100 amplify

The product are two sound is defect to cut to song sound

Srinu Licky

Amplify 100

vIshnu Budh

Cancel order

Sarath babu Ks
FM Radio Notworking

I purchased Molife Amplify100 more than 4months ago its sound quality is superb battery life also satisfying but its FM radio not working

Ruhban Ilyas
Design and sound good

Technicality issues are over the top. Bluetooth doesn't work always. Gets disconnected all the time. With laptops have to unpair and pair every time it is disconnected. Otherwise microphone only works and no sound. All in all, if auxiliary cable is used good otherwise gives hard time almost everytime. Very disappointed to be honest. Design is good. Tried to contact the support never got any reply or assistance. I guess that's why you pay big bucks on devices like Sony, Jbl because atleast it's trustworthy.