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Molife Beacon S1 Fast Charger Compatible for Android Smartphones, Other Devices, Power Adaptor, Wall Charger, Sleek, Compact

  • Input 220 – 230V/0.4A
  • Output 5V/2 AMP
  •     1 USB Port

-      Sleek and Compact




Product Description: 

When you are moving from one place to another, you don't have to worry about charging your phone. It is the best portable charger for your money. Molife Beacon S1, gives you the ease and convenience
of charging your phone when you are travelling. It comes with unique features and a perfect price. Molife Beacon S1 is a great product and a high quality all-rounder. 






Compact size- Travel chargers should not be bulky. They should be compact in size. And the Molife Beacon S1 is small, easy to carry and use. It looks good and works well. 


Made for all- It is suitable for all mobile phones. So no matter what phone you carry, you need to only carry the Molife Beacon S1. 


Looks good- The charger is neatly designed and the compact size makes it look smart and cool.


Loves to travel -  if you have your bags ready then you need to pack the Molife Beacon S1 in your bags too. It was made to travel with you.

You can charge your devices fast. If you are traveling - no matter how far or near, you need to travel with the Molife Beacon S1. It is lightweight, powerful and most importantly, durable. 


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