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Decibel Metal


The Molife Decibel Metal Earphone is truly a smart buy. Voice quality is incredible, the bass is powerful and the control buttons are so easy to use and well-located.

  1. Drive Unit – 8mm
  2. Sensitivity – 113db
  3. Impedance – 16 Ω
  4. Plug Type – 3.5mm
  5. Cable Length – 110mm – 120mm
  6. Silicon material doesn’t cause any allergy
  7. Cushion design to fit comfortably
  8. In-built-mic



  1. Big on Sound –

The audio quality of the Molife Decibel Metal Earphone is commendable. Play Music or take a call, you will not miss hearing even a word or a sound.

  1. Your Best Buds –

You can take them wherever you want to go – hiking, running, trekking or simply use them when you are lazing around.

  1. Designed To stand Out –

Styled to go with whatever you are wearing. Available in different colours and pick the one you love.

  1. Convenient to the Core –

It lets you switch between calls and music seamlessly.