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Molife Drums 500 Wireless Headphones With 40 mm Audio Drivers , Bluetooth 5.0

When your music and conversations are not boring then why should your headphones be? Forget the drab looking headphones. Go for the dual tone Molife Drums 500. Aqua Green and black do their own tango and bring you high quality music and sound.

  • 40 mm Audio Drivers
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 18 Hours Play Time
  • 240 Hours Standby Time
  • 300 mAh Battery Capacity
  • Premium CD Lustre and soft cushioned headband
  • Standalone Wireless or Aux Wired Mode


  1. H ‘Ear’ The Comfort –The comfortable, thick and cushioned headphones are thoughtfully designed so that your ears don’t feel the weight after long hours of play.
  1. Speakers That Perform –The speakers are lightweight. They offer clarity of sound and are high on performance. These headphones have all the desired features and will become your favourite accessary.
  1. Unbeatable Bass –Headphones are judged on how great is the bass. It offers deep, impactful and solid bass response. And especially when you are listening to rock, EDM and your favourite hip hop.
  1. Musically Yours –It delivers great sound, no matter what you play. The sound is remarkably balanced and you will never miss a beat even at lower notes.
  1. That’s Sounds Trending –Molife Drums 500 is the latest fashion in town. The trendy Aqua green Accents look funky and fashionable. It brings you pure and rich sound so you can escape from the boring chitchat of everyday sounds.


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