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Molife Play 705

Molife Play 705 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX 4

Molife Play 705 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX 4 Rating Sweat Proof, Touch Sensor and Latest Type C charging


Molife Play 705 is a wireless metal earbuds with a playback time of 5 hours for seamless music experience. The product comes with smooth touch controls and a snug fit well-designed to be a right fit for the users. From its ultra-bass audio to touch sensors, these ergonomic fluidic earbuds are the ones to keep.


  1. Easy Pairing in seconds
  2. Latest Type C Fast Charge
  3. IPX4 Rating- Sweat Proof
  4. Aqua LED Innovative Indicators
  5. Touch Sensor
  6. 500 mAh Battery
  7. Ergonomic Snug Fit
  8. Bluetooth 5.0


What's so special ?


Smooth touch controls with better playback time- Play 705 offers users a wireless experience with touch controls. The playback time of the product is five hours with only one-hour charging time.

Ultra-Bass audio with a snug fit- Well-suited for users looking forward to having quality ultra-bass sound with a comfortable and snug fit. Get devolved in the amazing music experience today.

Sweat & weather resistance- The earbuds are suited for all-day use with its sweat and weather resistance capacity, with an IPx4 rating, ensuring best even in worst of weather conditions.

Aqua LED indicators– Molife Play 705 is equipped with aqua LED indicators to show  ‘in use’ and ‘charge required’ status.


Type C charging port- Play 705 earbuds that come with precision-crafted metal and aqua LED indicators, uses a type C charging port to provide 200 hrs standby and 5 hrs playback time.

Precision Crafted Metal Case- The earbuds are of space-age design that comes with a precision-crafted metal case to provide a look and a class you deserve. With Molife Play 700, one gets fully-metal dock and buds that provides a luxury feel with the sturdiness and design.

  • Wireless music experience

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