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Molife Play 705 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX 4

Molife Play 705 True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX 4 Rating Sweat Proof, Touch Sensor and Latest Type C charging


Live life on the go with the futuristic wireless Molife Play 705 ear pods. Even though they are compact in size they pack in a powerful performance

and give you the purest sound experience. Just plug and get transported to a world that's anything but boring!


  1. Easy Pairing in seconds
  2. Latest Type C Fast Charge
  3. IPX4 Rating- Sweat Proof
  4. Aqua LED Innovative Indicators
  5. Touch Sensor
  6. 500 mAh Battery
  7. Ergonomic Snug Fit
  8. Bluetooth 5.0



  1. Future is in the Case- With Molife Play 705 what you get is not just a futuristic case but also two sound jewels that deliver stellar performance. The case is designed to look out of this world and looks like a piece of art.
  1. Sound to rock your World-The sound you hear is crystal clear and you get to hear every beat if you are listening to music. It feels like you are in the middle of a concert. Enjoy superior sound every time your wear the Molife Play 705 earpods.
  1. Perfect Pairing in a Jiffy- When you pick up the earpods form the case, the left and the right earpods automatically pair with each other. and if you are pairing your earpods with your phone for the first time, the pairing will take only a few seconds. once paired, you don't need to pair them again. You can also connect two phones at the same time.
  1. Full Charge Ahead- Experience safe and fast charging with the latest Type-C Charging Port. It goes well with all your latest and premium smart phones.
  1.  Keep your Daring Mode On- Molife Play 705 is friends with all the seasons. A run in not so furious rain or a rigorous workout in the gym will not have any effect on your earpods. As the IPX4 Rating makes them sweat and weather resistant.


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