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Molife Swing 700 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Flexible Neckband IPX4 Rating

Molife Swing 700 is a wireless neckband that looks incredibly stylish and flexible. it moves with you and feels even when it sits around your neck for hours.  The earphones are magnetic and light in weight but deliver superior, crystal clear sound.  The product is made of premium quality plastic and silicon materiathat is skin-friendly. So even if you are sweating while working out or running when it is drizzling, you don't  have to worry because Molife Swing 700 is sweat proof and weather resistant.


  1. Powered by Qualcomm Chipset
  2. Flexible Neckband with Magnetic Earpiece
  3. Siri and Google Assistant Enabled
  4. 12 hours of uninterrupted Music
  5. IPX Rating- Sweat and weather-resistant
  6. USB Port
  7. Bluetooth 5.0


  1. Packed with the best- It comes with many unique features that make this neckband the best buy in its category. Solid and reliable the neckband charges fast so that you can get connected to your world sooner. High on flexibility, it allows your ample room for movement and is perfect partner when you are working out.
  1. Comfort comes first- The material and the design make it the most comfortable neckband. You can use it for hours and not feel a thing on your neck. The design and functionality complement each other beautifully.
  1. Sweat proof all the way- If you love sports, then you will fall in love with this neckband. Molife 700 is made for sports. When you are exercising, jogging or running- you don't have to worry- because the neckband is sweat proof! it doesn't let sweat spoil your sport.
  1. Google And Siri Enabled- This is super convenient because everything is just a voice command away.
  1. 12 hours of Music- They can keep up with you and your active life up to 12 hours. non-stop. Molife Swing 700 works well even when it is being used at a distance and the voice quality is high too.
  1. Premium plastic and siliconmaterial- It is skin-friendly and the material is soft. The Molife Swing 700 are made especially for you.  They look fantastic and feel great. A must-have if you are really into sports and a lot of action. 

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