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Plugs 400

Charge up with the power of white. The charger is not just powerful but great looking too. Lightweight sleek, it charges super-fast when compared to other chargers. Just plug it in and see its power. It has a dual USB port which is an added advantage. It is  undoubtedly a charger that offers solid power delivery. 


Power for 2- You can charge two devices at one go. And that too with lightning fast speed. Just look for a plug point and rest leave it on Molife Plug 300. 

Charge what you want - You can charge nearly anything with this powerful charger.  Your latest devices, smart phones - just name it and it will charge it. 

Designed to Carry-  If you have to charge your smart devices then even the charger should be smart looking. The Molife Plug 300 is especially designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to carry. 

Powered to Protect- Your devices are expensive so you need a charger which will keep their safety in mind. 


The Power Charger for your Devices

The Molife Plugs 400 keeps your devices safe from power surge, short circuit and any rise in temperature. You don't need to worry about devices. The charger will keep them away from harm. 


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