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Portal 8 x USB Hub with QC Qualcomm 3.0 [1 Port ] + USB Auto [7 Ports] with 1.5 Metre Wire

  • Premium Metallic Finish
  • Dedicated QC 3.0 Port
  • 8 USB Charging Ports
  • Fast Charging
  • Safe Charging

Molife Portal 8 x is a super space saver.  Use it in your office or at home, it charges so many devices together. Don’t worry about the battery of your devices getting drained. Just plug your device and charge it. That too at lightning speed. It is one for all and all for one. Charge as many devices as you please, that too without worrying about their safety. Designed to save space and distribute power equally, it is good for using when travelling.  


  1. Designed Differently-

Molife Portal 8 x  is not regular looking. In fact it stands out when it comes to design. The squarish design makes it look hi-tech and futuristic. The thoughtfully designed multi USB port charger lets you charge many devices together with ease.


  1. High on Compatibility- 

Name it and it will charge it. Compatible with most of the latest devices, it charges all the devices at one go. You don’t need to carry multiple chargers now as the Molife Portal 8 x  enables you to charge all your gadgets at once frees you of the hassle of carrying multiple chargers.  

  1. Safety first- 

If you love your devices, so do we. The Molife Portal 8 x comes with Intelligent Power Surge Protection Technology for the safety of your gadgets.

  1. Power Well-Distributed-

Hub features 4 port distribution either side to prevent gadget clutter and 1.5 metre cord for easy access.

  1. Reliable and Ready for Maximum Charging-

It is equipped with 8 ports- 1 Qualcomm 3.0 dedicated port to ensure quick charge of 100% in just 24 mins and 7 Auto ID (3.6 max) ports to ensure the best distribution of power to your gadgets.


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