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August 09, 2021 4 min read

Is your daily routine a whirlwind? Unable to keep up with work, fitness, health, family, and friends? That is why Molife has launched the Molife Sense Smartwatch category with exciting features, taking innovation to the next level. Just something that lets you carry the world on your wrist. Exciting, isn’t it?

But, there is one problem. The most important is selecting the right watch, fancy or professional, smart or witty, and much more. You must need something more than just a clock with its monotonous ticking and numbers. What other than a Bluetooth smartwatch with calling that offers fitness tracking, health sensors, smart dialing, and long battery life?

Here, we will break down the various factors that are considered while buying your own 2021 smartwatch. While there are a dozen companies selling smartwatches, even the Best smartwatches under 5000are not one size fits all. Therefore, let’s get on with the guide to buying the right smartwatch that matches all your requirements.

Device Compatibility and OS

Of course, the number one tip to buying a good smartwatch is confirming the compatibility with your device. Android Smartwatchworks with Android phones, while Apply watches works with only Apple devices. Android smartwatches such as Molife Android Smartwatches work with android devices and offer one extra feature that could make replying easier: fast replies to incoming messages. Google’s Wear OS is also compatible with Android smartphones and can also work with Apple smartphones with limited features. In addition, Google Wear OS allows you to check whether it is compatible with your device.

Apple Watch can only connect with Apple devices. In general, realise which smartwatch works with your device. 

Phone Synchronisation

In addition to device compatibility, smartwatches should sync seamlessly with your phone through a Bluetooth connection. There are different types of smartwatches: one that requires your phone to be within distance and the other that can work standalone with SIM cards. Either way, you can enjoy the advantage of leaving your phone in your pocket or at home, completing tasks with just a few taps on the smartwatch screen. 


Having come into fashion a few years back and still in fashion, this technology has become a go-to gadget for several uses. Apart from all the features it provides, the attractive designs of the round dial or the colorful straps it comes with adds to the desire of buying a Latest Smartwatch. If you are stylish and want a few more colors to go with all your outfits, buy a watch that comes with the option of getting replacements straps.

Whether classy, casual, or vintage, your desire to buy a watch would depend on what style you mostly have. In addition, size and shape also play a huge role. Buying a watch with a bigger size can help you scan the content and keep track of your health status. Accordingly, even taking weight, water resistance, luminosity, etc., into consideration, you can choose your smartwatch.

Fitness goals or Productivity

If you have specific fitness goals, need assistance with health care, or want to be more active – buying a smartwatch that offers fitness trackers such as heart rate sensors and GPS is a win. Selecting the Best fitness smartwatch is a need of the hour for a fitness enthusiast; the best way to find a good one is to consider various fitness features integrated. Different Molife smartwatchescome with in-built health sensors and fitness trackers. Even Waterproof smartwatches are great for those who are active outdoors.

Now, what should be considered while buying a fitness smartwatch? Check the health features such as heart rate monitor, SpO2 level tracker, menstrual cycle tracker, step counter, and more. If it matches your fitness requirements and even offers accurate readings, then go for it. There is Smartwatch with GPSvariety which helps track the distance and pace outdoors. Just perfect for any outdoor exercise.

Application Selection

There are models that can hold more than hundreds of apps. If you are highly active and want something to lighten your load, a smartwatch that can dedicate itself to allowing you to deal with notifications, calls, emails, etc, with just a few taps is worth it. Molife Android Smartwatches can tend to be highly effective integrated with all functional features and downloadable applications.

Battery Life

Obviously, every person wants intelligent devices that can stay running for a long time. While picking a smartwatch, pay attention to the battery life rated by the company. The Latest Smartwatches can last more than one to two active days on a single charge. Therefore, before selecting a model, consider how often you are inclined to charge your watch regularly. There are also watches that employ the wireless charging method.

Display: OLED or LCD

Generally, smartwatches have LCD colorful screens or AMOLED displays, allowing you to display apps, content, and photos with rich color. The only downside is the low battery life, though the companies are working on improving the efficiency. To enjoy a longer battery life, you will have to purchase a monotonous color display. OLED display smartwatches have a higher price as compared to LCD display smartwatches since it has a slim built.

Calling Features

The Best Smartwatches 2021 have calling features integrated. The feature includes a mic, dialing pad, and speaker. Do you want to make a connection to calls easier, that too from your wrist? It is made possible with the latest technology chipsets installed in the smartwatches. You can connect through calls without having to take out your smartphone. Many watches even can perform the call feature without a phone close by.

After checking out all the pros and cons, the features required, functions, and affordability, there are still many smartwatches to be considered. Match it with your requirements in terms of battery life, storage, styles, fitness trackers, and display.


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